Real Estate

Whether you’re first-time buyer or relocating, Hallandale Beach features a great selection of property for sale or rent to suit all budgets. In the last decade, South Florida real estate has experienced an annual appreciation of more than 10%. While it’s historically been more than double that amount in the past, 10% is still an increase worth looking at and appreciating.

South Florida real estate is not only appreciating each year, but will continue to increase in value as the economy slowly improves. Since Hallandale Beach is such a popular location, it’s a prime spot for real estate investors.

According to local real estate agents, the price of homes and condominiums in South Florida has more than doubled in the past ten years. Although homes in Hallandale Beach have dropped in price this past year, real estate agents feel the trend is for them to go right back up in price. As we’re trailing towards the end of the year, there are over 2,000 homes for sale with an average price of $210,000.

The many activities they host, such as the World Classic Greyhound Racing, have given Hallandale Beach the nickname of the “southernmost Canadian city”. This beautiful city has been a popular vacation spot for years, with many of the tourists returning here to retire.

Real estate investors are seriously looking into South Florida real estate because:

• Location is perfect

• Future population growth is huge

• Land supply is limited

•Weather is beautiful

•Beaches are everywhere

In spite of the tough economy, these characteristics have made popular cities like Hallandale Beach almost safe from declining economic conditions, making it the type of property attractive to real estate investors.

Real investors looking for something that offers growth potential both now and for the future are looking into Hallandale Beach real estate. It’s an investment that’s always been consistent.